Hoop Mania

A basketball tournament at Ernest Oppenheimer Park run by the court community.

Monthly Tournaments began in 2013 and 2014.

The tournament is back as of November 2019!

Upcoming events in February, March and April 2020

More Information

In the heart of the city at Ernest Oppenheimer Park, Hoop Mania started out in 2013 as Johannesburg's only monthly 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. Hoop Mania operated monthly in 2013 and 2014. The court surface deteriorated in 2015 and formal tournaments were not possible in such a state. The City of Johannesburg funded resurfacing in 2019 via the Johannesburg Development Agency. Boundless City and Sticky Situations oversaw the project.

As of November, 2019, Hoop Mania basketball tournaments are back!

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Current Organising team:
Alex Cunningham: Manager
Tupy "Coach" Masengana: Sponsorship and Promotion
Ken "Ella" Mazowa: Community and Communication

Original 2013-2014 Organising team:
Alex Cunningham: Manager
Toto Kasandi: Marketing
Pule Mathebula: Sound & MC
Tupy "Coach" Masengana: Regulation
Ken "Ella" Mazowa: Scorekeeping
Marks "Gunz" Mhlanga: Registration

Our Goals
Quality Basketball Competition
Entertaining, Inclusive Experience
Urban Renewal and Energy
Community Action